Tuesday, 18 October 2011

New Workshop - Confidently help Your Teens pass their GCSE's

Having completed some research including surveys, I appear to have tapped into a much needed area with my next workshop.

I am about to deliver a brand new unique workshop for parents who want to practically and emotionally help their children to exam success.

This is a very difficult time for parents. There is a fine line between helping, empowering and interfereing in the year of revision, studying and taking the exams. If your children are going to take theirs in the next couple of years, then this is for you.

I have coached many teens on a one to one basis, but I feel it is much more effective, financially and long term to teach the parents the tools I use to help young people pass their exams.

in the 3 hour workshop, I will show you:

How to communicate to bring out the best in your teen's behaviour during this stressful time
How to practically help out subtlely without interfering
How to show them different ways of revising that are fun
How to coach your children to empower them and eliminate procrastination
Motivate and inspire
Top tips and tools that will help the whole family

Dates start in November. Price is £ 55 plus vat

The workshop will be repeated in the evening for those that work.

If you are interested then please contact me on nadia@naccoaching.co.uk to get yourself on preliminary list.

I promise to impress you with my unique style and quality of content and there will also be an opportunity for your child to receive a follow up discounted session from me nearer to their exams.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Does my 'BUT' look too big?

I have been listening to some recordings from Topher Morrison, one of my favourite coaches and a colleague at APCTC.

He talks about the art of negotiation using NLP tools and reminded me about using the word BUT.

It took me a long while but now I rarely use the word but unless it refers to something I might be saying eg

I would love to go out in the sunshine but I have too much work

After much practice I now replace it with the word AND as much as I can because BUT just negates everything someone has just said to you! The word HOWEVER sort of does too but it not quite so obvious. So for example if a person is expressing an opinion you disagree with, the word AND will build bridges whilst allowing you to still add your opinion.

try it and see the difference when communicating....