Friday, 9 March 2012

Are You Rich?

I remember reading an article that stated that the constant pursuit of happiness can make us miserable! Allegedly it’s because we are generally not satisfied and always looking for more of everything - more shoes, more clothes, bigger cars and houses etc etc.
Not only that it alluded to happiness being short lived resulting in us looking to bigger and better things.

This may be true of some, perhaps those that lack self esteem and think others are measuring them against their material possessions. They constantly compare themselves, instead of measuring their own self development.

I believe that those that are truly happy inside, do not pursue more and more, but instead live a life of gratitude and contentment whilst giving to others (this in itself is a richly fulfilling experience).

So are you Rich?

I don’t mean in money terms but in real honest every day life terms. Do you love your job, friends, family, hobbies and most importantly yourself? Do your activities give you great joy and excitement? Are you learing something new all the time? Do you give to others?

Being rich means feeling and being at your best, recognising the importance of goal setting and goal attainment, for it is more than useful to know what you want to do with your life and where you want to go.

It's also very important to know what type of person you want to be as well and how you can continue the journey of personal and emotional intelligence.

The direction that self improvement should come from is not one of inadequacy. Instead, it should come from the belief that you are already a wonderful unique person and want to improve even further.

The self image that you show to everyone is the external result of your internal self-esteem and richness presents a dignified presence to the world. ‘Rich’ people let others know “I am a good person. I deserve to be respected.”

In order for you to maximise your potential in life and feel rich, you must be able to put yourself into a position whereby you feel good about yourself so that you can radiate the confidence, energy and enthusiasm required to be a success. Otherwise, there will always be something that will be holding you back - the effects of a low self-esteem.

You see, when we can love and respect ourselves,  it is possible to feel truly confident and assured. And living like this brings all sorts of rewards. One of Richness!

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