Friday, 16 March 2012

In Appreciation of Mothers

I thought I would do something different for the special occasion that is Mother's Day. It is important that we validate our love for family and friends on a regular basis and so I have written this poem, dedicated to my mother who, like many others, has not been perfect but has been crucial to my happiness, throughout my life.

The love of a mother to her child
Can there be one more enduring and deep?
She who makes many sacrifices all her life
And is always there for us when we weep

The love of a mother to her child
Can it ever be properly returned?
All we can do is replicate with our own
And give unconditionally, as we have learned

So whether you are one or both
Let’s rejoice in the wonder that is Mother
And say a big thanks for their love,
support, comfort, direction and other!

By Nadia Cenci

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