Friday, 22 July 2011

Confidently Niche Yourself tip 2

To have an effective power niche you need to understand the pain that you are trying to ease or eliminate. This could be a problem or a goal that has yet to be achieved.

Many coaches and trainers are yet to differentiate themselves in this way and are missing a great marketing tool. After all, that is all niching is - it does not stop us helping those outside of our niche.

Competition is high in the service industry and we have to carefully consider what outcomes we feel passionate about delivering, and where we can make a real difference. It will give you credibility and authority.

For instance a health coach is still too broad. Is it about losing weight, more energy, sleeping, stress, etc?

The next thing that needs to be considered is the Target Marget and identifying who you wish to work with. Narrowing your focus will make it easier for you to find them and then communicate your message, benefits and the impact your services will have on their lives.

More on that next time.....

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