Friday, 15 July 2011

Let me and Dan Bradbury do the Hard Work!

How much information can we all take? I ask myself that regularly.

As a MasterMind leader, Partnering Dan Bradbury, part of every week is spent listening, learning and reviewing materials to see if they are of any merit, who’s using them, and if they work. If they do I'll incorporate them into my own business.
Some of the stuff I see is a waste of my time because it is poor or old hat.
So how can you avoid this complete and utter waste of your valuable time? Clearly you need a reliable source of information supplied by accredited contributors. And these people can't just be just writing the stuff - they have to be living and breathing it every day, in their own businesses - they have to use it themselves.
And that's just what the APCTC provides – quality information that works. The Faculty members are all experts in their own specialised fields, and they always apply what they supply in their own highly successful businesses.
So why not join the APCTC today - the first year membership is absolutely free and you’ll get immediate access to a vast library of business knowledge which you can apply immediately.
To enrol, simply go to the APCTC membership page and let our experts work for you.
Plus your first visit to a mastermind group meeting is also free so that you can try it out for yourself first.
Have a look at to sign up for a mastermind event in Ipswich, Suffolk

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