Thursday, 18 August 2011

Calling Simon Clegg!

I have loved football since I started supporting Arsenal in 1971.

Moving to Ipswich as a teenager meant that the Gunners had competition for my heart from Ipswich Town. When I finally couldn't resist the easy trip to the local ground, so began my most important hobby as a 'tractor girl'.

I have been on Radio Suffolk this week to talk about how I think a lack of confidence in some players,is affecting the team,as a whole, resulting in that horrible loss against Southampton.

The physical side of training is not my bag, being a person that hates the gym and any activity that requires using equipment. I love to walk and that's about it.

My area of expertise lays in the bit between the ears, inside the mind of people who are highly skilled at their jobs but not using it to their full potential, for various reasons including lack of self belief and esteem.

I meant it when I boldly proclaimed on the radio that I would willingly use my coaching and NLP skills to help the team out for absolutely nothing!

What would I do then, some have asked.

Self belief for the footballers will be determined by various aspects of their game, mainly associated with their most recent successes, being well prepared, working hard, having a good support structure and an understanding of their own strategy for thinking.

I would start with outcome thinking for the team and individuals
Using NLP (neuro linguistic programming)to tap into their past successes,
Using NLP to enhance team work
Provide tools for staying calm and patient during setbacks
Eliminating self doubt
One to one confidence coaching where relevant

I know that some listeners would have been sceptical about my bold assumption that my reward would be promotion but I can only feel this confident because of the success of my work and clients testimonials.

What have they got to lose? An inspiring manager would bite my arm off for a chance to improve the mental capacity of their athletes.

So Simon Clegg Come on and take up this offer! I am waiting.......

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